Commercial/Industrial Recycling

Businesses have many reasons to consider recycling their waste. While new legislation is often the most compelling incentive, some companies also come under pressure to comply with standards implemented by their customers or employees. Services available to commercial businesses include:

  • Cardboard Recycling – Utilizing small containers, compactors, balers or hand pickup.
  • Office Paper Recycling Program – Simple to use system that is user-friendly and doesn't require the user to separate materials – if it is paper it's recyclable!
  • Plastics – Hard or film plastics can be picked up in bags/bins or in compactors.
  • "Recycling Sandwich" Compactors – This program allows you to utilize your space effectively. Using only one compactor you can recycle paper, cardboard and plastics.
  • Commingled recyclables – Plastic bottles and metal cans can be recycled using containers, compactors or hand pickup.