Jamaica Ash has the largest mix of office buildings, strip centers, shopping malls and large "box" stores of any private or public waste company on Long Island. These types of businesses require specialized services that guarantee continued daily/weekly pickups and services that can satisfy their needs for recycling (paper, cardboard, plastics, metals), special pickups (weekend, special projects, etc.) and other materials (trailer loads, universal waste, white goods, etc.).

In providing these services Jamaica Ash is the only waste hauler on Long Island that provides for all of the following:

  • Source Separation Recycling Programs
  • Post Separation Recycling
  • Tractor Trailer Service
  • Box/Straight Truck Service
  • Roll-Off Service (10 – 40 cubic yard containers)
  • Front Load Service (1 – 10 cubic yard containers)
  • Rear Load Service (1 – 10 cubic yard containers)
  • Compactor Service (15 – 40 cubic yards)
  • Complete Metal and Welding Operation
  • Street/Parking Lot Sweeping Program
  • Universal Waste Program (Fluorescent Lights, Batteries, etc.)
  • Consulting Services