Industry Position

In recent years many businesses on Long Island have experienced service failures and the inability of their waste service vendor to provide services as quoted for the duration of the contract period. Although legal remedies can be pursued, the impact on these businesses and the time, energy and cost of handling these issues are of a significant nature. Jamaica Ash is proud of its history and of our ability to be truly "customer driven."

Jamaica Ash is a very resourceful company and continues to grow and provide leadership within our industry. Since these resources ensure that our customers continue to receive the best in service and value, I have provided a brief company overview as follows:

  • Operates a fleet of 135 trucks in Nassau County
  • Incorporated in New York State in 1949
  • Owns 22 acres and 1 million square feet of buildings
  • Operates the only private commingled recycling facility on Long Island
  • Operates the largest paper recycling plant in the Northeast
  • Employs over 400 people